We support and grow small family farms and food businesses by creating

and operating successful neighborhood farmers markets.

Upper Arlington (January 20, 2020) - New Year. Big News. 

And as the saying goes, we’ve hit the ground running! 

First brought together by our work on the 2018 Farmers Market Promotion Program grant awarded to the Ohio Farmers Market Network, the Upper Arlington Farmers Market along with the Bexley Farmers Market, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Farmers Market and the Pearl Market have taken steps to further our collaboration.

Allow us to introduce to you the Central Ohio Farmers Market Collaborative (COFMC). The Collaborative is a group of independently operated farmers markets in Central Ohio (currently the four of us), offering consistency and simplicity to farmers market vendors through the creation and adoption of the Farmers Market Vendor Handbook. The Farmers Market Vendor Handbook will:

  • Define the types of vendors admitted to our 4 farmers markets; 

  • Provide a consistent set of rules and regulations between participating markets; 

  • Simplify the application process for farmers markets vendors. 

In addition to establishing a common application and a set of guidelines, we have identified core values adopted by members of the collaborative including: 

EFFICIENCY - Reducing administrative time spent in the application process; 
CONSISTENCY - Easing the burden of knowing (and keeping straight) the rules and regulations of multiple markets; 
QUALITY - Increasing the quality of vendors, products and markets themselves by adopting clear and common sense rules;  
RESPONSIBILITY - “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our new collaboration. (You might also feel some relief, which is a-okay with us!)


And one last thing: by applying to one or more markets in the Collaborative, you may also be considered and offered an opportunity at a market for which you did not apply. Pretty cool, huh? Click the buttons below to apply today!


Here’s to a successful 2020!




Get Fresh Markets
Jaime Hadji
(614) 327-0102


Get Fresh Markets
Michelle White
(614) 537-4120


May 21 - October 29
4-7 PM (4-4:30 reserved for vulnerable populations)

NEW Location May 21 - July 31: Capital University parking lot S2 between Mound and Astor. For quick reference, use 745 Pleasant Ridge Avenue for directions.


The Bexley Farmers' Market is a destination committed to building local food tradition through access, education, and community outreach. In 2020, the market will celebrate its 10th season! 


May 20 - September 30
4-7 PM (4-4:30 reserved for vulnerable populations)

The Upper Arlington Farmers Market will open a new season on Wednesday, May 20 at the northwest corner of the Tremont Pool parking lot (2850 Tremont Road), within an easy walk of the Upper Arlington Library, Northam Park, athletic fields and the shops at the Tremont Center.

Get Fresh Markets is committed to supporting and growing small farm and food businesses by creating and operating successful neighborhood farmers markets. Our primary focus is ensuring the success of producers at our markets. We are data driven, with the belief that gathering continuous feedback from our producers and the community will yield thriving markets that provide vital economic opportunity and grow consumer appreciation for locally grown and produced foods.


Interested in learning more about our markets? Get in touch with us today!

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